Federal Government of Somalia Announces Death of Lower Shabelle al Shabaab Leader


On May 5th, the Somalia National Security Forces killed Lower Shabelle al Shabaab leader Moalin Osman Abdi Badil and three of his associates in a raid in the village of Bariire near Daarasalaam. The death significantly disrupts the terrorist group’s ability to operate in Lower Shabelle, which is a major step towards peace in the region.

This operation marks a turning point in our fight for security – security from attacks by al Shabaab, and security from the stealing, suffering, and fear that al Shabaab attempt to provoke.

To the members of al Shabaab, the Somalia National Security Forces are bringing the fight to your doorstep, with the help of Somalia’s partners. Leave al Shabaab now. Defect, as many of your brothers are beginning to do. It is your only chance to be a part of Somalia’s future, a peaceful and prosperous future for you and your families.



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