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The People have spoken, I must run – Maalim

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Thursday June 15, 2017

Garissa Township residents prevailed upon me to run for MP because they are tired of the status quo and want change, former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim has said.

He said his clan would not let him run for Lagdera MP.

Maalim, who is running on the Wiper ticket, was speaking in an interview with NTV’s Sasa yesterday.

“The electorate is tired of how politics and business have been transacted for 10 years. In me the residents saw a person who is not only the best suited but capable,” he said.

Maalim dismissed claims he is an outsider trying to impose himself on the Garissa Township people.

“I was born and brought up in Garissa town, where my father was a police officer. My mother gave birth to me in Garissa,” he said.
In 2013, Maalim lost the Senator race to Yussuf Hajji of TNA, but he said the election was rigged.

“This time round our votes will not be stolen. Once beaten twice shy. We have put in place mechanisms that will ensure no vote will be stolen and that the will of the people will prevail,” he said.

“It’s Ramadhan. I am ready to swear by the Quran that I never lost.”

Maalim, however, said this would not form part of his campaign, which will be issue-based.

He criticised Jubilee for not speaking out against extrajudicial killings in Northeastern and the continued harassment of Somali residents in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

“If you look at the way we are treated, we are like second-class citizens. More than 600 youths, women and clerics have been killed in extrajudicial style. Our people were rounded up and taken to Kasarani where they were subjected to inhumane treatment that can be likened to detention camps,” he said.

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