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Five bodies found buried in shallow grave in Mandera

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Tuesday July 4, 2017

Locals at the scene where five bodies were discovered buried in a shallow grave on July 3, 2017. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Herders in Bambo, Mandera have discovered five bodies buried in a shallow grave.  

The five, four men and a woman, were reported missing by their relatives last week.

The locals exhumed the bodies and took them to Lafey Hospital.

A medical personnel at the hospital told Nation.co.ke that a male body had bullet wounds on the forehead and the other bodies appeared to have been strangled to death.


The five were from Fino ward but their bodies were found in Warankara ward about 65 kilometres away.

Abdi Adan Orai said his brother disappeared from home on Friday and his family had been looking for him.

“There has been a security operation at Fino and we suspected my brother together with these other four we picked and killed by security agents before being buried here,” Mr Orai alleged.

When reached for comment Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia disputed the claims and pointed an accusing finger to an “enemy within”.

“We are fighting an enemy within us and it is difficult to blame the security agents on this incident when the enemy is applying many tactics,” he said.

The County Commissioner said the current situation of mysterious disappearance of people only to be found dead and buried in shallow graves was worrying but investigations had been started.


Last Friday, two other bodies were discovered buried at Border Point One in Mandera East after they were reported missing by their relatives.

“Let people not use this situation to gain political mileage but wait until we conclude investigations and make public our finding on these mysterious deaths,” Mr Shisia said.

Mandera County Deputy Governor Omar Maalim condemned the incident calling on the security agents to hasten investigations and arrest culprits.

“We can’t accept losing our people just like that. I’m calling on the government to come clear on this and many others that have happened in the past,” Mr Maalim said.

The said security operation at Fino and other urban centers along the Mandera-Lafey- Elwak road is in response to the recent road bombings in the area.

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