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Kenya: Jama calls for calm, backers protest in town

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Thursday July 6, 2017

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama yesterday urged his supporters to remain calm as he clears his name over allegations he has Sh5.3 billion in a frozen account.

On Tuesday, hundreds of supporters took to the streets of Garissa town to protest against his “harassment by the EACC”.

The supporter of the Wiper governor and many observers say the story appears to have been planted to discredit Jama. No one would have Sh5.3 billion in an account, they note.

Waving twigs and placards that read ‘Governor 007 why always him[?],’ the protesters assembled at Premier petrol station at 9am and marched to the EACC offices off Lamu Road along busy Kismayu road.

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They tore down the EACC signposts and Jubilee candidates’ campaign posters.

But Jama said, “They should maintain peace and order because we don’t want cases of violence of lawlessness to be experienced in our peace-loving county. I want to assure them that this is a small matter that will not stand the taste of time.”

He spoke to the Star on the phone.

On Sunday, the Nation reported that the High Court on Friday froze Jama’s personal account at First Community Bank to allow the EACC to scrutinise transactions amounting to Sh5.3 billion over four

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