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Somali with foreign currency, official documents arrested in Riyadh

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Monday August 7, 2017

JEDDAH: A Somali was arrested in Riyadh for forging Saudi currency and official documents. He was apprehended carrying forged banknotes of different denominations and official documents.


Riyadh police received a tip that a Somali national was involved in forging Saudi currency and official documents and occupying an apartment in central Riyadh to practice his work, a police spokesman said. The suspect was placed under round-the-clock surveillance.


These efforts led a raid and the arrest of the accused, who was found in possession of a number of forged banknotes, 22 forged residence permits (iqama), 27 forged iqama cards, three forged displaced persons’ cards, and four forged passports. In the apartment was an integrated lab for counterfeiting and forgery.

In his statements, he admitted to what he was accused of and accordingly he was arrested and referred to the Criminal Investigation


Department, while the Pubic Prosecution was notified to complete the required legal processes.
Customs foil drug smuggling attempt


Customs officials at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh have foiled an attempt to smuggle 633 grams of heroin in a passenger’s intestines.

The director general of customs at the airport, Mohammed Al-Aqeel, said in a statement that when a passenger was completing the regular entry procedures, customs officers suspected that he might be smuggling narcotics. An X-ray was taken which showed that his intestines contained 80 heroin capsules (633 grams).

The man was taken into custody and the necessary legal proceedings were initiated

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