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Hirshabelle State Parliament elects new President

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Mohamed Abdi Ware, New President of Hirshabelle State in Somalia

Mogadishu(HMC)-Hirshabelle State Parliament on Saturday elected Mohamed Abdi Ware as new President of Hirshabelle State in Somalia after election happned in Jowhar town, the administrative capital, SONNA reported.

Sheikh Osman Barre, Speaker of Hirshabelle State Parliament announced the result, saying that Mohamed Abdi Ware won and became the new president of Hirshabelle State.

” 97 parliament members voted in the third round of the election, Mohamed Abdi Ware got 74 votes while the other candidate, Dahir Abdulle Awale got 23 votes, therefore, Mohamed Abdi Ware succeeded and became the new president of Hirshabelle State”, Barre said.
The defeated candidate, Dahir Abdulle Awale accepted the result and congratulated the winner.

” I am very thankful to the election commission and Parliament members, I am congratulating the new President, Mohamed Abdi Ware on his success to this election”, Mr. Awale said.

The new President, Mohamed Abdi Ware thanked all sides involved in the election process, in particular, Hirshabelle State Parliament who voted him.

” I know challenges and opportunities of Hirshabelle State Administration, We together will stand and serve for the people”, Ware said.

Eight candidates were competing to the post of Hirshabelle State, but Mr.Ware finally succeeded and celebrations started soon.

Members of the Somali Federal Government headed by Minister of Interior and Federalism Affairs, H.E. Abdi Farah Juha and IGAD welcomed how the election happened there, they indicated it to fair and transparent one.

This election comes as the Parliament rejected confidence vote to former President of Hirshabelle State, Dr. Ali Abdulahi Osoble on 14th August,but Osoble did not accept the Parliament’s decision.

By Mohamed Osman Abdi ” Black Cobra”

Wixii Faahfaahin Dheeraad Ah Nagala Soo Xiriir

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