We need fodder for livestock or they die, say Garissa leaders


Thursday October 12, 2017

Elders and leaders from Goreale ward, Lagdera constituency, have appealed to Garissa county and the state to supply animal fodder.

Otherwise their herds will died in the drought, they say.

Experts say the herds are too large for the area. Addressing reporters in Shantaabaq yesterday, area MCA Abdurhaman Idris said the stateshould take charge and work with the county and aid agencies to alleviate suffering of residens and livestock.

“The drought is in its critical stage. It has claimed hundreds of our livestock. We urgently need water and food supply for both our animals and our people,” Idris said.

“The distance between where animals can find water and pasture are getting longer by the day. We want these gap bridged to save the few remaining animals from dying due to long distance they have to move daily in search of these precious commodities,” he said.

Iftin MCA Mohamed Gabow said there was a “silly mindset” that wards within Garissa Township such as his are not affected by the drought.

“It is unfortunate to see the county government and the National Disaster Management Authority solely focussing on the rural areas, forgetting some wards within Garissa are equally affected,” he said.

Gabow said areas such as Jariroth, Bula Rahma, Korakora, Eldere and Libahle should be given equal attention since they have also been affected.

He said the few with farm lands have turned them into grazing fileds to save their animals.

“We want the national and county government and the other entities charged with the responsibility of tackling drought to be consultative when undertaking this exercise. All areas should be given equal attention because the drought has affected all,” Gabow said.“The situation is dire and is worsening by the day.”

A spot check by the Star showed fresh carcasses of sheep and cattle strewn along the paths as they were too weak to make it to watering points


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