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Somali government releases names of six individuals involve in Mogadishu truck bomb ( PHOTOS)

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Wednesday November 15, 2017

MOGADISHU (HMC) – Somali government on Tuesday published names of six men who involved in Zoobe truck bombing which killed more than 350 people and injured 600 others.
Speaking to state owned television (SNTV), the country’s security minister, Mohamed Abukar Islow said Osman Hajji aka Maadey was identified as the suicide bomber who driving the truck bomb which killed hundreds of lives on 14th October.
Somali intelligence agency has arrested other five individuals in connection with the country’s deadliest bombing by the militants, according to the minister.

“The government arrested five suspects for Oct 14 attack. So far, we have in custody, five men with names of, Hassan Adan Isack, the driver of the second car, Ali Yussuf Ways Aka Duaale who would be the second suicide bomber, Abdiweli Ahmed Dirie, the group’s head of explosive experts in Mogadishu, Muktar Mohamed known as Gardhuub, senior leader and Abdullahi Abdi Warsame,” said Islow.

The minister noted that the security forces launched manhunt in search of the truck owner whose name has not been displayed.
“Apart from those in custody, our forces are hunting down the owner of the truck who is on run. Additionally the seventh person was the driver of the truck who died in the blast,” the Minister explained.
One month after deadly bombing, Somali government on Tuesday released CCTV showing the truck used for the blast, hitting other vehicles on its way to Zoobe junction where it went off, killing hundreds and destroying nearby hotels, restaurants, shops, NGOs and government installations.

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