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UN Migration Agency Trains Frontline Immigration Officials in Somalia

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Wednesday November 15, 2017

IOM, the UN Migration Agency, in partnership with the Immigration and Naturalization Directorate of Somalia (IND), recently (02/11) launched on-the-job training in Basic English Language and Customer Care targeting frontline immigration officers stationed at all the Points of Entry in Somalia.

The training will run for six months and will target 70 officers.

“Front office staff at the IND are like a mirror of the nation to local and international visitors. The first impression is the last impression. My expectation of staff attending this course is enhanced professional discharge of their respective duties to match world standards,” said Col. Mohammed Adam Jimcale (Kofi), Director General of IND.

“To achieve effectiveness in service delivery, it is important to equip employees with the right knowledge, attitude and skills especially in communication and customer service,” said Abdi Canshur, Minister for Posts, Communications and Technology, speaking at the launch.

This intervention will help bolster stronger, well-organized and effective service delivery for better response to the needs of migrants.

More than 40,000 mixed migrants arrive in, depart and transit through Somalia daily, and will greatly benefit from improved service delivery at the more than 18 points of entry across the country.

IOM supports institutional development through staff capacity building by addressing both human and operational capacity gaps. In Somalia, this includes training, provision of uniforms and creation of a streamlined human resources policy. IOM has also been upgrading the infrastructure of border offices across Somalia.

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