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SOMALIA: Third Hir-Shabelle minster leaves office

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Saturday December 3, 2017

File: Hirshabelle president Mohamed Abdi Waare.

JOWHAR,(HMC)-Hir-Shabelle State Minister for the interior affairs  Yussuf Ali Elmi on Friday resigned from office barely two days after President Mohamed Abdi Waare unveiled his cabinet.

In a media brief in Jowhar ,Elmi said he was not satisfied with the appointment.

“I hereby tender my resignation from my role as State Minister for Interior of the administration of president, Mohamed Abdi, I decided to vacate the position due to my dissatisfaction with the post,” said Mr Elmi.

Mr. Elmi’s resignation follows two similar resignations by State Minister for Security and Rehabilitation, Mohsin Mohamed and State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Ismail Mohamed who quit their posts on Thursday and Wednesday respectively.

The two positions have not been filled yet.

Waare announced on Wednesday his new cabinet which made up 20 ministers and 17 state ministers and 20 assistant ministers.

17 state ministers and ministers who served in the administration of Ali Osoble are included in Waare’s new cabinet.

Hir-Shabelle becomes the first regional state lacking Ministry for Women affairs in its cabinet.

The president is expected to take his cabinet before the Assembly for an endorsement in the forthcoming days.

President Waare was elected on 16th September succeeding his predecessor, Ali Osoble who was impeached by Hirshabelle state Assembly on August 2017.

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