Give residents guns, let them go into Boni Forest to fi nish Shabaab, Godhana says


Tuesday January 2, 2018

Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana wants the national government to give residents in counties bordering Boni Forest guns. He said the ammunition will allow residents pursue al Shabaab militia.

Godhana said rising crime has led to residents in Lamu, Tana River and Garissa living in fear, which has hurt development.

The governor issued a New Year’s speech during celebrations at the county headquarters in Hola yesterday. Godhana said terrorist attacks have increased, despite the heavy presence of security personnel.

He said if men, youth and women are given guns, they would go into the forest and wipe out al Shabaab.

“If the government has failed let it give us the permission to work as Tana River, Ijara and Lamu and come up with a solution,’’ he said. The governor spoke two days after a Police land-cruiser was stolen and a section of Ijara AP station in Garissa burnt by al Shabaab on Friday night


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