SOMALIA: Two senior commanders defect from Al-shabaab

Ugandan and Somalian Soldiers Capture Al Shabaab Territory in Mogadishu

Hiiraan Media Center
Tuesday January 2, 2018

BULLO BURTE (HMC)-Southwest state on Tuesday confirmed the defection of two Alshabaab commanders after they willingly opted to surrender their selfs to the regional troops.

Nurudeen Yussuf, Southwest spokesman said Osman Abdi Hassan and Ali Unsow Mohamed have joinlty quit their Al-shabaab membership in Buur-Hakaba.


Both men were Alshabaab Amniyat Unit commanders, responsible for the group’s Intelligence, attacks and assassinations in Baay region, security authorities said.


Yussuf said the two are now held in an undisclosed detention in Buur-Hakaba town.

Mid last month, unnamed Alshabaab official had surrendered himself to Diinsoor administration.The defector was later flown to Baidoa, the administrative capital of Southwest for a questioning.

Top Al-shabaab figures including its former Spokesman Mukhtar Robow have also left the group over power wrangling last year.


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