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Somalis celebrate their culture and heritage in Isiolo

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Wednesday January 3, 2018

The Somali community resident in Isiolo county on Sunday held their first ever cultural and heritage night.

They danced the night away to traditional music and artefacts were on display.

A Somali women’s group popularly known as Al-Dajir organised the event. Young people had feel of their culture that is threatened as people adopt modernity.

A traditional wedding, ancient items used by their forefathers and a traditional play known as “Dansoye” were showcased.

Asha Osman, Al-Dajir’s secretary, said Somalis have lived in Isiolo since the First World War in 1914. They were brought by the British colonial government.

“The event aims to remind us of our roots. We ushered in 2018 in a unique style,” she said.

Abdi Adan, an elder, said every community has its roots. Is important to pass over traditions to young people in order to preserve our rich cultural heritage, Adan said.

”The county government should invest more in culture. It should set aside cultural days to honour the diversity of communities living in the Isiolo, this will ensure posterity for the sake of future generations,” he said.

Leila Barre, a youth, said the event was a big success.

“Some elders were said to be against the event for fear that the youth may engage in sexual immorality and drug abuse when night fall. But that did not happen. We have learnt a lot from the event. There are many things we did not know,” Barre said.

The organisers, led by chairperson Amina Hajj, expressed optimism of more support in future cultural events. She said they would organise at least one event annually.

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