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Instagram is testing feature that allows users share people’s posts

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Friday February 9, 2018

Instagram is testing a feature that finally lets users share others people’s public posts to their stories.

While the feature is only being trialled with a few users at the moment, it may be rolled out to all users soon.

Normally, Instagram only lets users post photos and videos to their stories from their own account or device.

Facebook-owned Instagram confirmed the new tests to TechCrunch, and Twitter user and Creator of Command for Instagram Zachary Shakked shared a screenshot of the feature being tested.

The company said: ‘We’re always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram.’

It is not yet clear when, if ever, all Instagram users will be able to access the new feature.

For public account holders concerned about their privacy, a setting allows one to turn off the ability for others to share their posts.

Even if Instagram users don’t have access to the share feature as yet, the privacy setting is already available.

Shakked also shared an image of the privacy setting option, which explains that if the feature is on, other people can add your posts to their stories and your username will always show up with the shared post.

It’s common for people to share others’ posts by taking a screenshot and posting it.

While it was rumoured that Instagram was testing a regram button for sharing feed posts, it may have been false or simply never introduced.

In November 2017, Instagram added a range of new features to its app, including allowing users to edit pictures that their friends send them through direct messaging.

And in October of last year, Instagram introduced a video feature called ‘Go Live With’ that allows users to add friends in to live broadcasts.

The firm updated this with a new feature that allows friends to request to join a live video.

When watching a live video, users can tap the Request button to join.

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