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AMISOM dispells Parliament take-over reports

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Saturday April 7, 2018

Mogadishu (HMC) – AMISOM has dismissed claims it took full charge of the Lower House building following Wednesday’s standoff which saw the interventions of the African Union troops.

In a press statement, Special Representative for Somalia, Francisco Madeira said AU respects the sovereignty of the people of Somalia and their capacity to resolve their internal challenges.

“The African Union Commission and AMISOM respect the sovereignty of the people of Somalia and recognize their rights and have full confidence in the capacity of its Leadership to address the challenges besetting their country including the current political challenges that saw the Lower House of the Parliament being split into two,” said the AU Special Envoy.

Madeira called for dialogue to overcome the looming political tensions which could the hardly gained achievements.

“I appeal the Members of Parliament, legitimate representatives of the People of Somalia, to continue to exercise restraint as they strive to resolve the differences that oppose them,” he urged.

The ambassador ruled out the comments of the AMISOM commander, Paul Lokech which said the row was between the Executive and the Parliament.

“I wish to state that our view is that the current political stand-off is between two sides of Members of the Lower House Parliament,” he corrected.

The sentiment comes barely two days after the House session was put off following high political tension.

AMISOM on Wednesday stepped in to ease the situation.

AMISOM officials led by the Mission’s commander, Paul Lokech held a meeting with the House Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari, his 2nd deputy and a handful of MPs in Villa Hargeisa over the stand-off.

Statement by Head of AMISOM Amb. Francisco Madeira on Wednesday’s political developments in Somalia’s Lower House of Parliament from AMISOM Public Information on Vimeo.

The sides jointly agreed to suspend the House session till conducive environment for session is created.

Speaking to the media Lokech said the sides together with AMISOM accepted to suspend the sessions until further notice.

“We have come to an agreement that the parliament through the speaker be suspended for a period of time till the atmosphere becomes good for all of the sides to conduct the House business,” Lokech noted.

An official date for the impeachment motion has not yet been scheduled.

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