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Top 5 interesting facts about the Somali people

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Tuesday April 10, 2018

Somali women have high adaptability to business since they have undergone training. [Photo/]

Do you know the history of Somali people? Well, the Somali people have a lot of history you need to know.
Most of the Somali people live in the North Eastern part of Kenya. Some of them are still refugees in the country while others are Kenyans through various ways. Here are interesting things about the Somali people you didn’t know:
1. Most of the Somali people are self-employed. The highest percentage of these people depend on businesses, farming and livestock farming for their survival. A little percentage of those who got a chance to go to school are employed in Kenyan companies and institutions.

2. A marriage between two Somali people binds together not only the two partners but also the two communities the partners came from. The bond brings together the two families and they will become one through the marriage of the two children.

3. Somali women have high adaptability to business. Somali women receive help, education and job training from international organizations. This has made them talented in business which earns them a living.
4. Most Somali women fend for themselves. Due to lack of enough men, killed in various civil wars and due to diseases such as tuberculosis, women have learned how to be independent in life. They do business and other activities for survival.
5. There are few industries in Somali set up with the help of foreigners. Most of these industries are fish and meat canneries, pharmaceutical factories and milk processing plants.

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