Italy’s army chief arrives in Mogadishu for security talks


Somalia’s defense minster Gen. Abdulkadir Ali Dini (left), Chief of Somalia Armed Forces Gen. Mohamed Adan Ahmed and General Claudio Graziano, Chief of Staff of the Italian Army,

Italy’s army chief General Claudio Graziano has arrived in Mogadishu for a one day visit during which he held talks with top army officials and country’s leaders on key issues with special focus on rebuilding Somalia’s army after two decades of war.


Gen. Graziano arrives in Somalia at a time the horn of Africa nation is struggling to rebuild its army in face of a stubborn insurgency by the Al-Qaeda linked militant group in Somalia.

During his visit in Mogadishu, he held behind closed doors meeting with his Somalia counterpart Gen. Mohamed Adan Ahmed  and defence minister. They discussed military relations, and regional security situation.

“This visit is significant and indicates the smooth bilateral relations between Somalia and Italy. It also shows the Italian government’s commitment in helping Somalia to restore stability.” said Gen. Abdiqadir  Ali Dini, Somalia’s defence minister.

Italy maintained its embassy in Somalia prior to the breakout of the civil war in Somalia in 1991; however relations between the two countries have since remained strong in the following years and
through the ensuing civil war period.

The former Somalia colony resumed its diplomatic relations with Somalia last year and sent a new ambassador Mr Farbizio Marcelli to Mogadishu.