Mogadishu mayor urges public support in securing capital


Yusuf Hussein, Mogadishu mayor says that public support for security forces would be more helpful than other things for the troops, calling on the city’s residents to stand by their shoulder to improve security.

“With your support, security can be maintained and security agencies will be able to provide reliable security.” He said at a security meeting in Mogadishu Saturday.

His remarks come after the Somali government has recently unveiled a “holistic” plan to bolster security in the capital, Mogadishu, and other parts of the country.

As parts of the plan, the government has deployed hundreds of troops across the city to prevent possible attacks by Al-Shabab.

In Addition, The plan would focus on safeguarding the seaside city from militants’ attacks as parts of a national stabilization plan to restore peace to the horn of Africa nation after more than two decades
of war.

Last year, Somali government has also unveiled an ambitious National Security and Stabilization Plan (NSSP), which outlines plans to rebuild Somalia’s armed forces and including police. The plan also
aims to restore ‘stable’ judiciary system.