Somali parliament nullifies ex-headquarters’ lease by local government


Ruins of the former Somali parliament building in Mogadishu. Photo Remedy Foundation Architecture

MOGADISHU (HMC) – Somalia’s parliament nullified the lease of the dilapidated former parliament headquarters by the local government, terming the agreement ‘illegal’ which lacks legitimacy

The new Mogadishu mayor Yusuf Hussein Jimale has signed a lease agreement with a Somali businessman, awarding him with a contract to rebuild the former parliament’s headquarters to turn it into a public garden as parts of an urban development plan for Mogadishu.

Monday’s parliament session saw legislators reviewed a report by the legislative body’s finance committee which suggested the rebuilding of the old building by the parliament itself.

“The parliament by itself will refurbish the building; therefore that lease agreement is fully nullified.” Mohamed Sheikh Osman, the speaker of the parliament said after the session.

Mr. Osman has also warned of the national property leases that he said violates the relevant rules as well as precedents set forth by the country’s law.

No comment could be reached from the Mogadishu mayor on the development.

Despite serious security challenges by the Al-Qaeda linked militant group, Somalia’s capital is experiencing a rebirth and contemporary process of post-war reconstruction, thanks to the Turkish government, a major ally for Somalia as it became the first foreign administrations to resume formal diplomatic relations with Somalia after the civil war.

The Turkish government also continues to undertake major projects in Somalia in a bid to jump-start the Somali economy shattered by the decades old conflict.