Somali security forces says it foiled New Year attack on AMISOM



Special trained Somali security forces (Alpha Group)


MOGADISHU (HMC) – Somalia’s intelligence agency claimed its troops have foiled a planned attack on the African Union forces’ headquarters that also houses foreign diplomats and the United Nations offices on the New Year’s Eve on Thursday.

The development comes as hundreds of troops; including intelligence forces have been deployed across Somali capital to ramp up efforts to prevent attacks by Al-Shabab militants.


However, Abdirahman Turyare, Somalia’s intelligence chief said that security forces acting upon a security tipoff have encountered a minibus vehicle carrying heavily armed men with armaments including RPS and mortars, sparking gun battles between the two sides.

“We had the information that they (would be attackers) were on the way to launch the attack on the AU base camp, thus our troops who were aware of it foiled their attempt.” He told Voice of America Somali Service Friday.

It’s unclear if the said militants escaped after security forces disrupted their attack that allegedly aimed to target the African Union forces main base, known as Halane base camp.

No comment could be reached from the African Union on the claims by Somalia’s intelligence agency.

Somalia’s government has recently unveiled a new security plan which would focus on safeguarding the seaside city from militants’ attacks as parts of a national stabilization plan to restore peace

The ambitious National Security and Stabilization Plan (NSSP), which outlines plans to rebuild Somalia’s armed forces and including police would see large security presence across Mogadishu. The plan also aims to restore ‘stable’ judiciary system as parts of the country’s security improvement efforts.