Somali student emerges among top performers in Kenyan school exams


NAIROBI (HMC) – For Musa Osman Ismail, a 13-years old Somali Kenyan student has not only achieved top marks in his school exam but he emerged among the top-10 exam performer in the Nationwide’s primary schools’ examination results.

The student at the Tender Care Junior Academy in Komarock, Nairobi has scored 440 marks out of the possible 500 in the 2015 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination, a result that reflected his momentous achievement, thanks to his good preparations determination and aggressive reading.

“I am very proud to get 440 marks; that is the best score in Tender Care Junior Academy in KCPE 2015. I am grateful to God, my parents, school and Madrassa teachers for their support. I never thought I would achieve this, but I knew I would score 400 marks and above,” Osman told Kenya’s Citizen Digital.

Having sat for the exam, Ismail’s expectations were high, however, not probably up to the point that he thought would make the top-10 performers list in exam results for this year.

He however says his high score scares him.

“I am scared of the pressure that comes with maintaining the same academic standard I have set following my exemplary performance in KCPE. A lot will be expected from me. I am scared; but I will do my best!” told the Citizen Digital.

As the final exam results were announced, Ismail jumped for joy while his admired relatives and friends lifted him on their shoulders to show their proudness for his exemplary exam results.

It’s a journey that very few would dare to take, but his incredible result reflected his potential that would help shape his future for good, a goal his parents always think deeply.

“My mum and dad often woke me up at 4 am; I could read from that time and leave for school at 5:30 am. Many a times I’d sleep at midnight after my preps. My teachers motivated me to do my best.” He said.