Somalia’s intel agency celebrates 46th anniversary


BALADWEYNE (HMC) – Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attended a festive celebration marking the 46th anniversary of the founding of the country’s national intelligence, NISA.


Flanked by the intelligence chief Abdirahman Turyare and the security minister Abdirizak Omar, president Mohamud has termed the agency’s work ‘outstanding’ with’ valiant’ operatives  , evolving right along with the changing threats facing the horn of Africa nation.

“I salute the National Security and Intelligence Agency for its impeccable work and its struggle to save our people from security threats.” he said at the event held at the agency’s headquarters onmidnight Saturday.

Mr. Mohamud said that his government had succeeded in ending ‘misperception’ he said the agency suffered under Siad Barre’s regime,
thanks to a ‘positive’ transformation the government made to change people’s perceptions towards it.

“Its primary guiding principles are protecting human rights and serving the nation.” He said.

He also credited the agency with the improving security in areas under the government’s control across the country, saying that the country
has suffered during the two decades civil war as result of a political mayhem.

The president has also criticized his government’s critics who he said merely see things through negative lens.

“It saddens me to see those who are there to deny the progress we have made, and we have to underline that what bothers them most is having a stable Somalia that makes progress for the better.” He said.

As the horn of Africa nation which is recovering from decades of war struggles to contain a deadly insurgency by the Al-Qaeda linked
Al-Shabab group, western government that had invested heavily in creating a strong spy service see NISA as key to efforts aimed at
eliminating militants in the country.

The agency which remains the strongest force in the country’s army reports directly to the president. The service also shares intelligence information with western partners in a bid to weaken militants that continue to carry out attacks across the country and beyond.