Mogadishu is on lockdown for wearing in new Houses of parliamentarians.


Hiran Media Center

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Somalia’s capital Mogadishu is on lockdown ahead of Tuesday’s planned swearing in and both Houses of parliamentary oath, HMCreports

President Hassan Mohamud said on Saturday that security in Mogadishu and the surrounding environs has been increased.

Somalia’s electoral process has been heavily criticized after the introduction of controversial upper house seats blocked efforts to end the electoral process.

Authorities in 6 Somali regions with about 14000 delegates have been choosing their representatives expected to give way to the election of a new president by parliament in the coming week.

However, the procedure has been heavily criticised after a national forum of leaders made up of government officials decided to increase the number of senators from 54 to 72 at a time when five of the six regions have already elected members of their House of Representatives.

Local analysts have quickly linked the move to corruption and also think it is proof of tribalism in the Somali elections.

The electoral litigations commission has already received more than one thousand petitions from individuals who cite cases of bribery, intimidation and even kidnappings.

Somalia’s presidential election has already been postponed more than three times. Observer groups fear the election could once again be postponed if measures are not taken to correct the anomalies.