DEADLINE: 24 candidates register for Presidential elections as registration officially closes


Mogadishu (Hiranweyn) –  24 Candidates vying for the office of the presidency have completed the registration process as the electoral commission closed official registration at 5:30 pm today Mogadishu time.

Over 30 candidates have expressed interest in running for the nation’s top job but only 24 candidates have thus far registered with the electoral commission. HMC has listed the candidates reported having completed the registration process below.

Among the requirements for a presidential candidate is a $30,000 USD fee; up from the $10,000 USD that candidates paid in the 2012 elections.

50% of the total registration fee, which amounted to $720,000 USD will be donated to drought relief, a move that has been agreed to by the new Parliament.

The 2016 election campaign which has spilled into 2017 has been fraught with delays and reports of corruption and intimidation, leaving many questioning the legitimacy of the process. The presidential election has been scheduled for February 8th, six months after the initial August date.

The international community has expressed a need for speedy presidential election through a joint statement.

“The international community wishes to stress the paramount importance of conducting a transparent, clean and credible presidential election whose outcome will be widely accepted by the people of Somalia and the international community,” it said.

A total of 329 members of Somalia’s bi-cameral parliament will elect the president. A candidate must get 2/3 votes (219) to win the first round which many believe is highly unlikely. Many election observers are keen to see the alliances that are formed in the second and third round of runoff voting.

*Note missing from the above collection of candidates is Ahmed Mohamed Abdi who hails from Somaliland. It is believed that he is the second candidate from Somaliland to ever stand for election after Ahmed Ismail Samatar; analysts are saying his candidacy is a game changer in an election that has already seen it’s fair share of surprisings twists.

Here is the official list of registered candidates provided to HOL by the head of the presidential electoral commission, Osman Haji Ali

1: Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
2: Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke
3:  Abdikadir Osoble Ali
4: Mohamud Mohamed Uluso
5: Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarsan
6: Abdinasir Abdulle Mohamed
7: Bashir Rage Shirar
8: Mohamed Ali Ameeriko
9: Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed Farole
10: Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo
11: Saed Abdullahi Dani
12: Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame
13: Jibril Ibrahim Abdulle
14: Saed Isse Mohamud
15: Ali Hagi Warsame
16: Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
17: Mohamed Abdirizak
18: Abdullahi Ali Ahmed (Cadow Cali Gees)
19: Abdullahi Elmoge Hersi
20: Haji Mohamed Yasin Ismail
21: Ahmed Mohamed Abdi
22: Zakariye Mohamed Haji Abdi
23: Abdullahi Ali Hassan
24: Mohamed Ahmed Jabarti
Official list released by the Presidential Electoral Commission below