President Farmajo hosts delegation of Arab Ambassadors


Hiiraan Media Center
Saturday February 11, 2017

President Farmajo met with Arab Ambassadors and discussed his five-point appeal

Mogadishu (HMC) – Newly elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo met with a delegation of Arab ambassadors in the capital on Saturday morning.

The ambassadors delivered congratulatory messages on behalf of their governments to the President.

While speaking with diplomats, President Farmajo reaffirmed his promise to stand with the people. The emotional election galvanized Somali residents as thousands took to the streets after hearing Farmajo was elected President on Wednesday evening. He thanked those who celebrated his election.

He issued a five-point appeal to Arab Ambassadors that he believes their governments should cooperate closely on.

  1. He requested Arab leaders to provide government aid to assist in the drought relief efforts in Somalia. Millions are facing food insecurity, and many aid agencies are fearing that a famine is on the horizon.
  2. Strategic support for Somali security
  3. Support plans for national reconciliation in Somalia.
  4. He appealed for more public and private investment from Arab countries into Somalia; vital for the countries economic and infrastructural development.
  5. Finally, he asked Arab countries to defend and speak up for Somalia.

He also rolled out his “Peace and Life” (Nabad iyo Nolol) program of which will be the hallmark of his administration. The agenda, as he described it is an immediate plan of action to tackle some of Somalia’s most pressing issues which are security and economic development.