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{DAAWO SAWIRADA} Kuleyl Ka jiro Dalka Hindiya Oo Ay Dad U Geriyooden

Dalka Hindiya ayaa waxaa ka jira kuleyl daran kaasi oo sababay in dad ka badan 1300 oo ruux ay u dhintaan kulaylkaas.

Toddobaadkan ayaa lix carruur ah oo dooneysay in kuleylka jira dartii ay ugu dabaashaan meel biyo xireen ah ayaa lixdoodiiba ay dhinteen waayo ma jirin mid kamid ah carruurtaa oo yiqiin dabaal.

Magaalooyin badan oo ka mid ah dalka Hindiya ayaa dadka loogu baaqay inaysan ka bixin guryahooda oo aysan shaqo tegin maadaama kuleyl daran uu jiro. Hase yeeshee dadka ayaa diiday inay guryaha ku ekaadaan maadaama aysan heli Karin wax ay cunaan haddii aysan shaqo tegin.

Pic shows: The dam where six youngsters drowned.Six youngsters drowned in a dam when they went to cool off in the heatwave sweeping India.The boys, aged between 8-14 went for a dip after a game of cricket but misjudged the depth of the water.The tragic accident happened in Lower Manair Dam in the village of Alugunur in Central India`s Telangana State.So far more than 1100 people have died in the heart wave in which temperatures have soared to 45c but it has been mainly the elderly or very young who have been affected.In the latest incident, it had been revealed that only one of the boys could swim properly and he died trying to save his friends and family.The dead schoolboys are 13-year-old Yachamaneni Pratheesh, aka Gopi, his 10-year-old brother Pradyumna, 8-year-old twins Juvvadi Soumith and Suhith, Joginapalli Shiva Sai, 14, and Danaboina Sai Srijan Reddy, also 14.Brothers Gopi and Pradyumna went to Oakridge International School in Hyderabad and their cousins Soumith and Suhith attended Delhi Public School.Shiva Sai and Srijan Reddy attended Alphores High School and all of them were sons of businessmen. Shiva Sai was related to Gopi, Pradyumna and the twins. Srijan was their friend.Police Karimnagar  rural inspector G. Narender said that the children drowned at about 8 am as they did not know how to swim very well.He said they  had also failed to judge the depth of the reservoir.  He said only Shiva Sai could swim properly but  he was unable to save his cousins, and he also drowned.Boinapalli Rohan, one of their friends who had not gone for the swim, alerted the children?s parents.Joint funerals for the boys are being held in the next two days.Police deployed expert divers to the scene after being alerted by the frantic parents.But they were not able to save anybody in time at the reservoir. After three hours the divers recovered all the bodies and brought them to the bank.  India?s  Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao  has expressed his  grief over the incident.(ends) hidiya haraad (10) hidiya haraad (8) hidiya haraad (7) hidiya haraad (6) hidiya haraad (5) hidiya haraad (4) hidiya haraad (3) hidiya haraad (2) hidiya haraad (1)
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