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The military court executed three people by shooting

Wednesday March 15, 2023 {HMC} Somalia’s armed forces court this morning executed three men who were working with Al Shabaab, who were found to have facilitated bombings that killed many people and other attacks.

Mohamed Abdulle Abkow Omar (Biyamalow), Sharif Mohamed Barqadle Ayanle {Check} and also Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow {Dhaktar Fanah} were shot in the public square of Bulusiya school this morning.

The members who were killed this morning included two former army officers, who were working closely with the Al Shabaab group that fought attacks in Aden Adde airport and other places in Mogadishu.

One of the men who was shot this morning was Dr. Fanah, a young man who studied abroad.

Dr. Fanax admitted in an interview that was broadcast last night on government media that Al Shabaab has been part of attacks and bombings that killed many people for many years.

The men who were shot this morning were those who were professionally working with Al Shabaab and were part of facilitating the explosions that killed many people, and they were all under the government’s banner while working with Al Shabaab.



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