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The Somali military court executed two men

Sunday 19 March 2023 {HMC} Somalia’s armed forces court on Sunday morning executed Hussein Mohamed Abdi Noor and Abadir Isaq Noor.

This shooting took place in the city of Baidoa. One of the two men had already killed his wife while the other had killed a police officer.

These two men have already been sentenced to death by different levels of the armed forces court, after being found guilty of the crimes they committed, and this morning’s killing is the punishment of the people they killed.

As of February, more than a dozen al-Shabaab leaders and army soldiers have been executed.

The last sentence was three Al-Shabaab men, one of whom was Dr Fanax, and they were shot last week.

The chairman of the Supreme Court of the Armed Forces, Colonel Shute, said that the military court is committed to execute the execution sentences when they finish their procedures.



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