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Network 2013 strongly condemns the closure of two radio stations on Friday morning, 21st August, 2015 in Galgadud,

Star FM and Galgadud Radio were forced to cancel their broadcast programmes after armed militia from Ahlu Sunna raided  and shut down both stations; the Network 2013 repudiates all attempts to intimidate and to  manipulate media by Ahlu Sunna as wholly unjustified assaults on press  freedom.

On may 2015 the Ahlu Sunna in Guriel imposed stern directives to the media and the journalists in Guri El, which read 1) The media should  stop reporting with immediate effects all news and information related to the conference going on in the town of Adado in Galgadud aimed at the formation of the regional administration of Galgaduud and Mudug. 2) To stop reporting all news related to the Federal Government of Somalia, 3) To stop the relay broadcast of the government run radio Mogadishu, 4) To report all information and news related to ahlu Sunna Waljama without edit 5) To establish full
collaboration with Ahlu Sunna authority in Galgadud.

On May 17th 2015 Ahlu Sunna arrested FM journalist Abdulkadir Gure, and took Galgadud radio off the air. They released the journalist two days later without charges and allowed the radio to start the operation.
In a separate incident, the Ahlu Sunna authority in Guriel in Central Somalia detained Osman Mohamed Adan, correspondent of the Somali National Television (SNTV) based in Guriel, on Tuesday 19 May, 2015 for 24 Hours, then released on bail on the next day Wednesday 20 May, 2015 and ordered his immediate deportation, In July 31st, 2015 Ahlu Sunna arrested six journalists in Dhusoamareb , Five of them were sentenced to 2 months in jail but released one  day later. The journalists fled Dhuso Mareb and now live in Adado town in Galgadud. Radio Codka Bartamaha in Dhuso Mareb went off the air after journalists quitted their work for fear.

The Network 2013 denounces all forms of pressure on journalists, which  make it impossible for media to work professionally and which severely compromise the physical safety of Somali journalists.

Network 2013 calls on Ahlu Sunna to respect media freedom, unconditionally stop intimidating journalists and allow silenced radio station to resume operations.

Star FM, Radio Galgadud and Radio Codka Bartamaha are members of the Network -2013 in Central Somalia

Note for the Editors

The Network 2013 – Somali Media Forum  Was founded in Kampala at 13 February 2013  by 13 Radio Stations across Somalia and Signed the basic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Network ,

The purpose of the Network is to promote the principles of a free, independent and professional Somali media dedicated to advancing peace, reconciliation and democratic values, and in particular to strengthen the capacity of radio stations as public service providers for the Somali community, thereby contributing to peace, reconciliation and development.

the Members of the Radio Station include:- Radio Risaala, Radio Kulmiye, , Radio Mustaqbal  , Radio Gool, Radio Hurmo, Radio Iftin, Radio Wadaag, Radio Kasmo, Radio Star Fm – Somalia, Radio AlNuur, Radio IQK, Radio Star Fm – Kenya, Radio Daljir, Radio Codka Nabadda, Radio Garowe, Radio Abud-waq. Radio Dhusamareb, Radio Voice of Central Regions, Radio Galgadud, Radio Warsan, Radio Baido, Radio Hiiran Weyn Radio Voice of Mudug, Radio Jowhar

The Nework 2013 is funded by FOJO Media Institute, International Media support (IMS), Also the Network 2013 is member of the Somalia South-Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA) and The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) is an international network of media assistance groups.

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