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Rewarding event for journalists’ winners of the FESOJ Ramadan competition in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Wednesday, April 20, 2023: The Federation of the Somali Journalists (FESOJ) has organized and concluded an award presentation ceremony for the Somali journalists competing for the best reporting on the recitation of the holy Qur’an during the month of Ramadan.

The ceremony held at Sahafi Hotel with 50 persons from various sectors of civil society in attendance was the opportunity to encourage the journalists who were the winners of the feature program to report on the reading of the Qur’an during the fasting month.

The participants in the ceremony event included journalists from various media stations, Senior journalists, media associations, intellectuals, university professors, religious scholars and other honorable guests from the Somali National University and Mogadishu University.

The intention of the FESOJ organized competition event was to provide the journalist’s opportunity to compete in presenting their best skills of story production both in audio and visual form for transmission through radio and TV.

Furthermore, the aim of the competition was to provide the chance for the twelve journalists who applied to compete to prepare and produce feature story programs on the theme: The advantage of the recitation of the holy Qur’an during the month of Ramadan.

The journalists’ competition was open for all the journalists working for the radio and TV stations, including the journalists that are FESOJ members. In total, 12 journalists participated in the competition.

A committee of senior journalists has evaluated the journalists’ competitors on the bases of creativity, the level of understanding of the topic, the angle of the quotation, the writing style, the voice of the reporter, the tone adopted, the technique, the content, the visualization of the story, the style, the sound effect and the Somali language.

Farah Omar Nur, Secretary General of FESOJ in his opening statement pointed out the competition was divided into two, contesting on visual reporting (TV) and audio reporting (radio) saying the aim was for the journalists to create new and meaningful feature programs during the month of Ramadan that would be interesting for the Somali audience.

Mohamed Mohamud Adde, Senior Journalist speaking on behalf of the Competition Committee mentioned the contenders were 12 journalists and eventually the winners were four reporters where two of them prepared audio report whereas the other two has produced visual reporting.
“It was very difficult to select among the contestants because they all did something impressive.” He added.

Mohamed Khadar Abdi won first place for visual reporting and was presented with $700 as a reward prize. Hana Mohamed Mohamud won first place for audio reporting and was presented with $ 600 as awarding prize.

Mohamed Ibrahim Salad who won second place in the visual reporting contest was also awarded the $ 400 prize, whereas Ayan Yusuf Farah who won the second place for the audio competition was rewarded with $ 300.

“Last night I have participated Qur’an recitation competition held for university students, and today I am taking part in a journalists’ competition in reporting on the importance of Qur’an recitation held for reporters, it is commendable that the Somali community is a Qur’anic society.” Sheikh Abdi Hayi, a prominent religious scholar pointed out.

Prof. Omar Abdi indicated that he was congratulating the young competent journalists and was pleased to have two of his students in the race.

“I praise FESOJ for organizing this beautiful competition, while others were busy with other programs, and commend the journalists who participated in the contest, I would say keep up the good work.” Mohamed Ali Fuje, Senior Doctor said in the conclusion.