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Death toll from rains, floods in Somalia rises to 29

Mogadishu (HMC) – At least 29 people have been killed and more than 305,000 people displaced following heavy rains and flash flooding in south-central Somalia, officials said on Tuesday.

The Commissioner of the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), Mahamud Moallim Abdulle, stated that the El Nino rains had the most severe impact on Jubbaland and the South West regional states, particularly in the Gedo, Bay, and Bakool regions.

In Jubbaland, the flooding of the Jubba River in the Gedo region affected major districts, including Luuq, Dolow, Garbaharey, Bardher, and El Wak. The rains also affected the Afmadow and Jamame districts in the Lower Juba region of Jubbaland State.

In South West State, the downpours took their toll on districts such as Baidoa, Burhakaba, Bardale, Qansah Dhere, Hudur, and Rabdhure. In Hirshabelle state, Beledweyne and Jowhar towns, along with nearby villages, were affected, and in Galmudug state, Galkacyo, Dhusamareb, and Adado towns witnessed the impact of the relentless rains.

In response to this dire situation, the Somali federal government declared a state of emergency on Monday. Emergency responders have been working to reach those still trapped by floodwaters in various districts of Jubbaland and South West States.

The federal government swiftly mobilized various supplies, including food and water, for over 300 affected families. SoDMA agency, in collaboration with the United Nations, delivered one boat and two engines to the Luuq district to assist those stranded by the flood disaster. The agency also prepared essential medicines to prevent waterborne diseases.

SoDMA agency urged the Somali people, businesses, scholars, and humanitarian-focused non-governmental organizations to expedite their assistance and support in this challenging situation facing the Somali community.

El Nino, a naturally occurring weather phenomenon, causes surface waters of the central and eastern Pacific to warm, affecting weather patterns worldwide.

The heavy rains came one year after the Horn of Africa suffered its worst drought in around 40 years, which, along with rising prices in food due to war in Ukraine, caused 43,000 people to die, according to the U.N., and put Somalia on the brink of famine.


Source Hiiraan Online

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