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Regional rainfall outlook: IGAD calls for enhanced preparedness, emergency response

Thursday November 9, 2023

Regional weatherman has called on national governments and humanitarian organisations to enhance preparedness and emergency response in the wake of heavy rainfall.

This is as per the latest warning by Nairobi-based IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) released on Wednesday.

The ICPAC report usually covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi and Rwanda.

IGAD- ICPAC has warned that very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall is expected in parts of northern Kenya, southern Ethiopia, southern Somalia, parts of Burundi and Rwanda and northern Tanzania.

According to the regional forecast covering Wednesday, November 8 to Wednesday next week, heavy rainfall (greater than 200mm) is expected in Western, Central and Northern Kenya, northern Burundi, south-western Rwanda, and isolated areas in southern Somalia.

“This is likely to exacerbate the current flooding conditions occurring across the region. In the past week, widespread flood was recorded over Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Burundi,” ICPAC said.

“Landslides have also been experienced and the heavy to extremely heavy rainfall that is predicted in some of these areas could make the situation worse,” it added.

ICPAC says moderate rainfall (50-200mm) is expected over most parts of Kenya, southern Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, northern and western Tanzania, and western and southern South Sudan.

“Wetter than usual conditions expected over most parts of Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and parts of southern Sudan, southern Ethiopia, northern Tanzania, and central to southern Somalia,” it warns.

However, dry conditions are expected over Djibouti, Eritrea, parts of northern Somalia, northern and eastern Ethiopia, and central to northern Sudan.

During the period, moderate to high temperatures of between 20-32 degrees Celsius are expected over parts of eastern and northern Kenya, most parts of Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and south-eastern and north-eastern Ethiopia.

Temperatures of less than 20 degrees Celsius are expected in parts of Central to Western Kenya, parts of northern, and central to southern Ethiopia, western Rwanda and Burundi and isolated areas in Tanzania and Sudan.

“Elevated levels of heat stress are expected over eastern Kenya, parts of central to southern Sudan, South Sudan, central to southern Somalia, and most coastal regions.”

This comes amid reports that at least 15 people have died as different parts of the country continue to experience heavy rains.

In an update on Monday, the Red Cross stated that as of November 5, 2023, 15,264 households had been affected.

With animals not being left out, 1, 067 livestock have died as a result of the heavy rains.

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