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FESOJ concluded journalists ‘training in Mogadishu on strengthening peace building programs

Mogadishu, Saturday , November 11, 2023: The Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) has concluded a two- day training on improving the role of journalists in strengthening peace building programs in Mogadishu city that have been implemented with the support of VIKES Viestintä ja kehitys -säätiö.

Thirty participants in attendance of the training were from the faculty of journalism of the Somali National University, Somali National TV, Astan TV, Jubbaland TV, Radio Mogadishu, Radio Star FM, Radio Danan, Radio Banadir Region, Radio Shabelle, Radio Kulmiye, Radio ArladiWartel, , Disability journalists union, Astan, Freelancers , FESOJ, Hiran Media, Bile Media , Dalka Newspaper, Hamar Newspaper, Somali Pen and other guests.

The participants have benefited from the capacity building program that have been in progress from the 7th to 8th November 2023 at Sahafi Hotel in Mogadishu city.

Senior trainers from FESOJ, VIKES and CAFIS has been facilitating presentations focusing on main contents including what is peace Journalism, peace journalism Objectives, root causes of conflict, peace journalism actors, journalist’s role, media role, civil society role, government role, clan elders’ role, peace journalism practices, war journalism, conflict resolution Steps, principles of peace journalism and what is the negative aspect of peace journalism.

“The intention is how to further improve the journalists’ role in strengthening peace building program through using their professional skills and the media.” Farah Omar Nur, Secretary General of FESOJ has stated in his opening remarks.

During the two- day training proceedings, the participants have made analysis by engaging in groups discussion on the following key topics: what are the problems war Journalism can cause, what is the media Power to mitigate Conflicts, what are the root causes of conflicts, what is the media role in Peace building, who are the actors of peace Journalism and what is conflict resolution Process, and what steps could be taken.

With the group discussion sessions, the participants have been given opportunity to exchange different views on how to improve the role of journalists’ role in strengthening peace building programs through the media.

Mohamed Mohamud Adde, prominent journalist who have worked with the BB NEWS and part of the facilitators presented themes related with peace in Islamic teaching and how the journalists could the lead the way for the influential community members to have dialogue on peace and reconciliation which will eventually create environment of trust and integration that could be mitigation for the conflicts.

In partnership with VIKES, FESOJ is planning to undertake similar training within this year, and expecting the awareness of the Somali journalists on peace building programs will ultimately increase extensively.

In conclusion, Abdirahman Mohamed form the Disability Journalists Union indicated the media is the listening source for the public interest in either the cases of both conflicts and peace issues. He added the journalists should be impartial and illustrate the significance of peace for the community and the negative impacts of the conflicts as well, adding if conflicts occur, the society will face the most problems.

“We benefited from the training how the media will work on promotion of peace and development for the country, and how to find solution for the prevailing conflicts.” Amina Ibrahim Mohamed from Arladi Media stated.

“From the training we have learned what are the root causes of conflicts and the role of journalists to improve peace building programs. We appreciate VIKES, CAFIS and FESOJ for this capacity building program opportunity.” Mohamed Mohamud Geedi, from Bile Media pointed out.


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