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SOMA concluded stakeholders’ meeting on improving freedom of expression, safety of journalists and access to information in Dhusamareb city

Tuesday  November 30- 2023 {HMC} Thursday November 30- 2023: The Somali media umbrella of SOMA launched today in Dhusamareb city at the headquarters of the Galmudug Administration a two-day  Symposium on the safety of journalists, freedom of speech and access to information.


This Symposium  was attended by Galmudug Minister of Information Abshir Abdi Shiqow, Deputy Chairman of Dhusamareb Capital Abdisamad Salad Adan Dr. Sanweyne, Deputy Commander of Dhusamareb City Police,  Mustaf Salad Warsame, Director of Information of Dhusamareb Local Government Abdimahad Gure “Fataxo” Mohamed – Deeq Abdi Mohamed who is a member of Dhuusamareb journalists association and has been in the media for some time, Secretary of Galmudug Journalists Association of GAJO, Director of the Office of Training Department of Galmudug Ministry of Information Hassan Abdirahman Adan Fantastic, General Director of Galgaduud Media and a member of the Executive Council of the Somali Media Association of SOMA Abdiqadir Guure Barre, some of the journalists working in the Galmudug capital of Dhusamareb and civil society organizations.


The Secretary General of SOMA, Mohamed Osman Makaraan, first talked the purpose of the discussion, said that it is the way for the media to get the right information, and to get cooperation between the community, the administration and the police.


“If the correct information reaches the media and is shared with the people, the problems in the society can be easily prevented, the first priority is to find a working path between the Authorities, Journalists and the Media,” said Mr Makaraan.


The deputy governor of Dhusamareb city, Abdisamad Sanweyne, said that the administration of the capital is ready to share the correct information with the media so that the community can get reliable information.



Galmudug Minister of Information Abshir Abdi Shiqow, who was participating in a  Symposium held by SOMA in Dhusamareb, thanked the SOMA Media Association and said that Galmudug media have the freedom to work and the people can work for them, and there is no office that journalists cannot go to. ,


“As the Ministry of Information, I am working with them to get the information they need, and if they have any concerns, I urge them to submit it as a writing, I will submit it to the senior leaders of the government,” said Minister Abshir.


On the other hand, Mustaf Salad Warsame, the deputy police commander of Dhusamreeb city in Galmudug capital, said that the police is working with journalists to get the information they want, and the reporters are close friends with the police, but there may be small obstacles that happen sometimes.


Mohamed-deeq Abdi Mohamed, who has been working in the media for some time, said that Galmudug Districts and Regions operate private media centers and independent journalists, but not as expected freedom of speech and access to information.


Mr. Mohamed Deeq added that there are many challenges that have accumulated mostly in the administrations at the regional level up to the district level.


Some of the guests of honor who participated, including the media community, women’s organizations, youth and other parts of society, have questions about freedom of speech, access to information and the safety of journalists.


The Somali media umbrella of SOMA has held Symposium similar to the one that opened today in Dhussamareb in Beledweyne, the capital of Hiran region.


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