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ATMIS and Kazakhstan Government Collaborate on clean and safe Water Projects in Somalia

Mogadishu, 4 December 2023 – In a significant partnership, the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) and the Government of Kazakhstan are collaborating on a safe water project across Police Stations. The initiative is aimed at enhancing policing capabilities and improving the quality of life in Somalia’s liberated areas.

Under the Stabilisation and Early Recovery programme and with funding of US$137,000 from Kazakhstan, ATMIS is set to lead these projects in Hirshabelle, Jubaland, and Southwest Federal Member States.

The project includes constructing three solar-powered shallow wells, complete with accessories and water storage tanks. The facilities will be strategically located at Jowhar Airport police station, Baakin police station in Baidoa, and Jubaland Police Headquarters in Kismayo.

Identified through thorough consultations by the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States, and local communities, the projects are designed to boost operational capacities of police stations while also serving the needs of adjacent communities.

Previously in 2018, the Kazakhstan Government funded the construction of 16 water wells in Hirshabelle State for US$78,000 through the same program. This initiative, executed by a local contractor, has notably enhanced access to clean water in Jowhar, reducing incidences of water-borne diseases.

The collaboration between ATMIS and the Republic of Kazakhstan demonstrates a commitment to improving community living conditions in areas liberated from Al-Shabaab control and addressing the challenges posed by recurrent droughts and climate change in Somalia.

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