Sunday, February 25, 2024

ATMIS contributes to improving quality education in Jubaland State

As part of its Quick Impact Projects, the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) has built and equipped a five-classroom block at the Ahmed Gurrey School complex in Kismayo.

This new educational facility, funded by the Italian government, was officially handed over by ATMIS on Monday.
“Education is key to national development in Somalia and across Africa. It’s essential for promoting peace, stability, and growth. This project shows ATMIS’s commitment to the crucial role of education in shaping Somalia’s future,” stated Maj. Gen. Marius Ngendabanka, ATMIS Deputy Force Commander in charge of Operations and Plans, at the project’s official opening.

The Jubaland State Deputy Minister for Education and Culture, Mukhtar Kamil Kule, representing the state’s administration and the local community, thanked ATMIS for supporting education in the federal member state.

“ATMIS KDF troops have contributed significantly to our national development in addition to maintaining security and providing our children a quiet place to learn. Although we are talking about education today, in Kismayo, it was impossible to discuss education eleven years before the arrival of ATMIS,” said the deputy minister.

He further noted, “the education sector in Somalia has greatly benefited from ATMIS support” through the construction of schools, the supply of education materials, capacity-building to improve quality teaching and learning and creating a conducive learning environment for students.

As part of the Stabilisation and Early Recovery programme, ATMIS continues to support Somalia’s educational development by building school infrastructure through the Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) in areas liberated from the control of Al-Shabaab.

The Senior Civil Affairs Officer for ATMIS, Dr Opiyo Ododa, commended the cooperation between ATMIS and Jubaland State authorities which has facilitated the implementation of Quick Impact Projects.

“ATMIS considers education a key element for developing a country. We put our efforts into building schools, hospitals, and police stations in Kismayo. We are happy to work collaboratively with Jubaland government,” said Dr Ododa.

In attendance at the event were ATMIS Sector-Six Commander Brig. Gen. Lukas Kutto, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Eric Lovega, along with officials from the Jubaland State administration and the school’s management team.

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