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ATMIS KDF medics support capacity-building at Dhobley General Hospital

December 15, 2023-{HMC}– Dhobley General Hospital in Jubaland State received a major boost in its quest to provide quality healthcare, as eight nurses affiliated with the facility successfully completed a rigorous seven-month medical training programmed.


Facilitated by medical personnel from the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) serving with the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), the training covered critical areas such as epilepsy, midwifery, operating room and surgical procedures, along with other essential healthcare protocols.

“The nurses have exhibited impressive performances. We have taken them through anesthesia application procedures, and we are confident that they can apply and resuscitate a patient. In addition to spinal anesthesia, they administered general anesthesia, which numbs and puts the patient to sleep,” said Lt. Col. Stanley Ngang’a, the ATMIS Level-II Hospital Senior Medical Officer, who spoke at the graduation ceremony in Dhobley on Wednesday.

“They were also instructed on how to handle medical complications and how to collaborate with the physician in the operation theatre, including how to set the instruments and sterilize stitches and equipment,” added Lt. Col. Ngang’a.

ATMIS Sector Two Commander, Brig. William Kamoiro, underscored the training’s importance in enhancing the capabilities of the local medical practitioners for the continuous delivery of quality healthcare services once ATMIS forces exit Somalia. He emphasized the graduates’ role in managing the hospital effectively.

“Everyone is looking up to you. Even though you may be few, the hospital and the community you serve will be relying on you. You have been empowered to assist those in need of medical care. We are in a transition period where ATMIS is gradually being phased out and you will be taking over the full management of your hospital,” said Brig. Kamoiro in his remarks to the graduands.

Abdinasir Mohamed, the Director-General of Dhobley General Hospital, expressed gratitude to ATMIS for its commitment to improving healthcare in Jubaland State.

He was confident that the mentorship programme would positively impact on the hospital’s ability to provide quality care to the local community.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to ATMIS doctors, clinical officers, and nurses in Lower Juba for their exceptional dedication and support. Their tireless efforts in providing care are truly admirable and invaluable to our community,” noted the Director-General, adding that the graduating students were ready to use the knowledge and skills acquired to assist the local community.

The graduating students expressed readiness to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to assist the local community.

“The training in anesthesiology was very valuable since there is only one anesthesiologist at the hospital. I am now well equipped to train others using the knowledge and skills gained,” said Farah Garaad, a nurse based at the Dhobley General Hospital.

Zakaria Daahir, a nurse working with the Somali Police Force expressed satisfaction with the specialized lab training received, noting the difference in his skills since the programme’s commencement.

“ATMIS provided us with many courses, and I chose to specialize as a lab technician. I am delighted to have completed the training, I can feel the difference between what I have learned and what it was like when we started the program,” said Daahir.

Situated in Dhobley town along the Kenya-Somalia border, Dhobley General Hospital offers a range of medical services including maternity, pediatric and surgical care to the Lower Juba region.



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