Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Corruption Scandal Rocks Damal Health Project Selection in Jalalaqsi.

Tuesday -30-jan- 2024-{HMC} A concerning situation has been identified regarding the examination process for health workers within the Damal Health Project, carried out in Jalalaqsi district of the Hiran region.

The examination, facilitated by the Wardi Agency, saw participation from over 190 individuals. However, subsequent to the evaluation, the announcement of successful candidates revealed a disparity. Among the 42 individuals declared successful, 24 were found to have familial ties to Governor Noor. Such a pattern raises questions about the integrity of the selection process.

Upon investigation, discrepancies emerged within the published list of successful candidates. Instances were discovered where individuals included in the list had not participated in the examination for the Damal Health Project in Jalalaqsi. Furthermore, some candidates were found to be absent from the district during the examination period, while others were suspected of having access to exam questions beforehand.

Of significant concern is the observation that a majority, approximately 60%, of the announced candidates belong to the tribe of Nur Dhere, the governor of Jalalaqsi. It has been reported from credible sources within the area that many of the selected individuals lack expertise in the field of health, further raising doubts about the fairness of the selection process.

The residents of Jalalaqsi have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the treatment of employees involved in the Damal health program within the district, placing blame on the district governor.

Even the deputy governor of the district has publicly denounced the conduct of the examination, attributing the issue to corruption and indicating that Nur Dheere will be held accountable for the consequences of such actions.


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