Thursday, May 30, 2024

Qatar Charity launches ‘Endless Giving’ campaign in Somalia

Tuesday 12,March ,2024 {HMC} Qatar Charity has launched projects for the Holy Ramadan season in Somalia for the year 1445 AH (2024) within the framework of starting to implement its Ramadan campaign “Endless Giving” outside Qatar, in the presence of Qatar’s ambassador to Somalia Dr Abdullah bin Salem al-Nuaimi, and Deputy Director of the National Disaster Management Authority Dr Ahmed Abdel Adam, QNA reported from Mogadishu.

Qatar Charity’s Ramadan projects contribute to helping poor, needy families and displaced families in Somalia meet their basic needs during the holy month, bringing joy to the hearts of orphans and enhancing social solidarity among members of the society.

Ramadan projects include distributing 3,540 food baskets to poor and needy families, providing Eid clothing for 300 orphans, and distributing Zakat al-Fitr to 6,675 families.
Dr Adam expressed his gratitude to Qatar and Qatar Charity for their continued support to the Somali people in the development and humanitarian fields.

He stressed that the projects implemented by Qatar Charity in Somalia will contribute significantly to alleviating the suffering of poor and needy families.

He pointed out that Qatar’s support for the Somali people comes within the framework of its commitment to strengthening co-operation between the two brotherly countries, and its keenness to help the Somali people achieve development and stability. Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia Abdel Fattah Adam Moallem explained that these projects come within the charity’s campaign to help needy families and orphans, as the number of beneficiaries is expected to reach more than 10,000 families.

The projects include distributing food baskets containing basic supplies such as rice, sugar, flour, oil and powdered milk, in addition to distributing Eid clothing to orphans.

Moallem pointed out that Qatar Charity will continue to provide humanitarian aid to the Somali people in various fields, out of its belief in its duty towards the poor, the needy, and groups affected by disasters.

He thanked the charitable donors in Qatar for their generous support for these projects, which has contributed to alleviating the suffering of needy families and orphans in Somalia.

It is worth noting that the projects of Qatar Charity’s “We Affect” campaign outside Qatar will be implemented through its field offices and partners in 40 countries around the world. These projects that will be implemented outside Qatar are divided into two main parts: seasonal and various developmental ones.

The cost is QR335mn and is expected with the support of philanthropists. The number of beneficiaries should reach 3.3mn people.

The projects will focus on crisis and disaster areas such as Palestine, inside Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh (including Rohingya refugees) and the poorest countries.


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Khamiis 30, May 20224 {HMC} Wararka ugu waa weyn Soomaaliya iyo Caalamka 30/5/2024 HOOS KA DAAWO MUQAALKA WARBIXINTA