Monday, June 24, 2024

NISA Director Calls for Somali Unity, Vows to End Tribal Clashes and Illegal Checkpoints

Wednesday -1, May 2024 {HMC} In an effort to address the recurring tribal conflicts plaguing Somalia’s Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions, Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbalooshe, the Director of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), has issued a fervent call for unity among Somali communities. Speaking out against the recent tribal clashes and the proliferation of checkpoints in the region, Sanbalooshe emphasized the need for reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts.

Expressing his dismay over the tribal hostilities, Sanbalooshe labeled the disputes between communities as regrettable and stressed that no Somali leader would condone such violence. He underscored the common enemy facing the nation, emphasizing that internal divisions only serve to weaken Somalia’s collective strength.

Addressing intellectuals and community leaders, Sanbalooshe urged collaborative efforts to foster peaceful coexistence and put an end to the ongoing skirmishes. He emphasized the pivotal role of peace in facilitating development and restoring essential services that have been disrupted by the conflicts.

Furthermore, Sanbalooshe announced the federal government’s stance on eliminating tribal checkpoints in the Hirshabelle administrative areas, particularly emphasizing the need to curtail their prevalence in the region. He affirmed the government’s commitment to implementing measures aimed at dismantling unnecessary barriers and ensuring free movement for all citizens.

Asserting the government’s resolve, Sanbalooshe emphasized that the era of tribal checkpoints in Hirshabelle would come to an end, signaling a decisive shift towards greater inclusivity and unity. He called upon communities to align with the government’s vision and actively contribute to the realization of a peaceful and prosperous Somalia.

Sanbalooshe’s remarks were made during a community reconciliation event attended by local leaders, including Hassan Ali Noor Shute and Ali Jayte Osman, leader of the Mawisley army. The gathering served as a platform for dialogue and solidarity-building efforts aimed at fostering understanding and cooperation among communities affected by the border disputes.

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