Thursday, June 13, 2024

Heightened security measures imposed following deadly clan clashes in Somalia’s Galgaduud

Isniin 10 June 2024 {HMC} –   Heightened security measures are now in place in the Landhere area of Galgaduud Province, central Somalia, following violent intercommunal clashes that began on June 8. The conflict, involving two rival local militias, has resulted in at least 50 deaths and more than 60 injuries. Authorities have deployed armed troops to the region to control the violence and prevent further conflict.

The clashes erupted between militias from the Marehan and Dir clans in the Abudwak and Herale districts. Local reports indicate that the violence broke out after morning prayers, rapidly escalating and causing significant casualties. The injured have been transported to hospitals in Herale, Abudwak, and Adado districts.

The Galmudug regional government and federal authorities have called for an immediate end to hostilities. The exact motive behind the inter-clan fighting remains unclear, though it is known to be linked to land disputes.

Minister of Security Mohamed Abdi Aden Gaboobe condemned the violence and announced that individuals responsible for inciting the conflict have been identified and will face legal consequences.

“The conflict, rooted in a territorial dispute over uninhabited land, is intolerable, and those involved will be prosecuted according to the law,” Minister Gaboobe stated.

Traditional elders from both sides have attempted to mediate and halt the violence, but no resolution has been reached so far.

The increased security measures in the Landhere area include the deployment of additional troops, the establishment of checkpoints, heightened patrols, localized curfews, and potential road closures. Authorities warn that further retaliatory violence is possible in the coming days, and localized business and travel disruptions are likely.

The Somali government has instructed its security agencies and the Galmudug administration to intervene and mediate urgently. The latest declaration by the Galmudug government aims to end the violence and restore stability to the region.

Landhere is approximately 470 km (290 miles) north of Mogadishu, near Somalia’s border with Ethiopia. The conflict has underscored the fragility of peace in the region and the ongoing challenges in resolving inter-clan disputes through negotiation and legal means.

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